My New Toy & Some Social Media Tech News

Ok I admit I’m a tech gadget nerd, just like 3/4’s of the population right now. Once I got my Google Android phone, I’m SO happy I never bought into the iPhone hype. I’m an accountant, and I use a lot of email, blogging, web surfing, Twitter, Facebook, Brightkite, etc. With that being said, IContinue reading “My New Toy & Some Social Media Tech News”

CFO Career Booms During An Economic Crisis

As finance executives are having a hard time finding the silver lining in the credit crisis, its no wonder that the recent problems on Wall Street have forced them to revisit their bank relationships, redo their forecasting, rethink their cash management strategy, and worry a lot more about what tomorrow will bring. But under theContinue reading “CFO Career Booms During An Economic Crisis”

The SEC backs off, and banks still turn coal to diamonds from their @$$

Fantastic!  The SEC issued an interpretation of an accounting standard that could make it easier for banks to report smaller losses, or perhaps even profits, when they announce results for the third quarter, which ended Tuesday. So far, the move on Tuesday drew praise from the ABA, which whined to the SEC that auditors wereContinue reading “The SEC backs off, and banks still turn coal to diamonds from their @$$”