Realistic Forecasting For Start-Ups

Since my experience with start-ups began a few years back, I have seen many examples of top-down forecasting that has left many venture capitalists wondering if the speaker had any credibility whatsoever.  Top-down forecasting is taking the market level from it’s highest point and working down to come up with your sales figures.

Guest Blog –

From time to time, I have found it of great value to share and embrace other start-ups and ingenius business ideas.  With that being said, I have come across a fabulous team from Australia that is making waves on their side of the world with a new business venture that I am sure will beContinue reading “Guest Blog –”

Some essential G1 Android must haves

I’ve been playing with my Android G1 since the day it came out. I consider myself pretty tech savvy.  With all of the many applications that have been coming out, I’ve tried about 65% of those.  Some just look bad, some get really awful reveiws, and some I just have no interest in. For theContinue reading “Some essential G1 Android must haves”