So What If The Markets Keep Going Down??

Being in finance, I often field a lot of questions about the various markets.  One of the most repetitive questions I’ve heard is, “what happens of the stocks keep going down?” Well there are various answers to this.  When you enter the market, you often answer questions about how conservative or aggressive you want toContinue reading “So What If The Markets Keep Going Down??”

Top 10 List – What I Learned From Being Laid-Off

Hundreds of thousands of people were laid-off this week.  I found myself being swallowed in the latest unwanted trends and forced to hit the curb trying to find another way to make a living.  Although I understand the business sense behind the decision, it still sucks… So I’ve compiled a list of odd ball thingsContinue reading “Top 10 List – What I Learned From Being Laid-Off”