Let’s Move On From AIG Already!!

I’m really getting tired of people blaming AIG already. It’s been proven that they did not break any laws, but continuing to dwell on the subject has gotten old. Rep. Barney Frank just called for the federal government to do a take-over of AIG and try to make it easier to get back the someContinue reading “Let’s Move On From AIG Already!!”

Billionaires are hurting too!

The total number of billionaires in the world fell from 1,125 in 2008 to 793 in 2009.  The financial meltdown wiped out $2 trillion from their net worth.  Most of you are saying the same thing as I am, “who cares!”  It’s all net worth, and not cash.  There is a difference when looking at aContinue reading “Billionaires are hurting too!”

What My 4 Year Old Taught Me About Savings

Recently we started giving my 4 year old an allowance for helping around the house.  It’s only a dime here and a dime there, but he’s EXTREMELY proud of his money and what he can do with it.  His ultimate idea right now is to only save to buy Star Wars stuff, but what he’sContinue reading “What My 4 Year Old Taught Me About Savings”