The iPhone phenomenon coming to an end?

Since the iPhone was released a few years back, it seems that every new phone coming out was trying to become the next “iPhone Killer.” Never in a million years did Apple ever think that the iPhone Killer was, well Apple themselves. Once I heard earlier this year about Google Voice, I knew it wasContinue reading “The iPhone phenomenon coming to an end?”

The Woes Of Working For A Public Company

During our earnings call yesterday, it daunted on my how connected I am on the public sector. Here was two extremely important businessmen, our CEO and CFO, discussing our earnings and statistics, and I kept thinking “I hope I calculated everything right.” My main contribution to our company is the constant currency impacts. It wasContinue reading “The Woes Of Working For A Public Company”

Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…

Really, cash for clunkers? I understand that at the current economic condition, many of us are tightening our belts, and we are hoping something “too good to be true” to come knocking on our door. But this does really seem “too good to be true,” especially since we’re just putting our country into even moreContinue reading “Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…”