We provide part time, interim, and project-based financial expertise to small and medium-sized businesses. In general, the work we do is focused on establishing and managing a smoothly running accounting department, and the preparation of accurate, useful, and timely financial reports to management and compliance entities. We also provide experienced consultants to set up accounting departments, or support existing accounting functions by assessing and improving their operations and systems. Our controllers have the skills to quickly identify best practices for your organization. The value to you is having someone who has truly “been there before” and can navigate through the implementation or improvement process as efficiently as possible.

Help with Running Your Business, Improving your Accounting Systems

Accounting Operations

  • Start-up and Emerging Company Support: Financial discipline and controls.
  • Appropriate procedures and processes, budgets and projection that help you plan for the future
  • Accounting Department Management: Ongoing, experienced help with procedures, reports, people management, and accounting issues
  • Creation or improvement of your monthly closing checklist
  • Support, leadership, and/or performance of daily accounting activities including A/P, A/R, payroll, billing, and credit and collections
  • Coordination with outside vendors (banks, leasing companies, insurance, CPAs, etc.)

Audit, Review & Compilation Support and Management

  • Help with understanding the audit, review, and compilation processes and requirements
  • Assistance in compliance with requests for documents and information
  • Direction, and personnel if needed, to handle any updates or completion of accounting information that may be necessary before an audit begins

System and Process Assessment, Implementation & Accounting System Conversion Services

  • Review and analysis of financial systems, practices, and staff; and recommendations for improvement
  • Process improvement/implementation/guides
  • Accounting system selection and add-on selection process (3rd party tools)
  • System implementation, led by us or your existing team
  • Data conversion assistance, including testing of data, and consulting and implementation for data structure changes including chart of account changes
  • Project management, project planning/scope
  • Requirement document preparation
  • Training: one-on-one training, group training
  • Custom report writing
  • Tool development

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