About Me

I have basically grown up in accounting. It’s been the family business since well before I was even born. So through college, I had a ton of different ideas of what I wanted to be. I ended going into accounting, but it came so easy to me. The numbers, the analysis, the double entry bookkeeping… It was all just a part of me. So here I am, with over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, and business management.

My favorites hobbies include cigars, offroading in my jeep, photography, mountain biking, disc golf, family and chasing my wife around.  I’m a HUGE cigar enthusiast.  Mostly stemming from my inability to consume any alcohol, my total of cigarette inhaling capability, and needing to find some sort of vice in my life.  I hold a BBA in Business Management, an MBA in Accounting.

My email is jason@thefinancepig.com.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything I write or want to meet up to share a cigar.

Happy blogging!


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