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Difference Between Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

December 10, 2008


Every so often, accountants get asked some dumb questions.  Some of the questions I’ve received are “I never signed up for insurance, so why does medicare keeps getting deducted from my check?”  Or “can I get paid in cash so I don’t have to pay my child support?”  Even ones like “I don’t have a […]

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The Simplicity of FROs (and we’re not talking about the 70’s style hair-do)

July 1, 2008


As the opening bell was rung by Don Montanaro on May 8th, the creator of Fixed Return Options (FROs), he was hoping to see a new era of trading by bringing in a more simple way of option trading.  FROs, simply put, pays out in either an all or nothing structure that alleviates the pains […]

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