Posted by Mutual Mobile These days everyone’s saying they need an app. But before you rush to say “me too,” take a moment to think about what makes the most sense for your enterprise. An app? A mobile website? A responsive site that works across all screens? To help you decide, we’ve come up withContinue reading “WHICH MOBILE APPROACH IS RIGHT FOR YOU?”

The Proposed Changes to Sarbanes Oxley

Currently in the market crisis, the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is requesting changes to its auditing standards that describe the rules of any Sarbanes Oxley audit. These new challenges for the auditors are to assess and respond to risks during an financial statement audit. The audit risk is the material that the auditorsContinue reading “The Proposed Changes to Sarbanes Oxley”

Ok, so sales people aren’t all bad…

So I’ve had a breakthrough. And by that, I mean a salesperson who wanted to understand how their actions affect mine as the Corporate Controller. He had the courage to ask, not just which way do I prefer, but also “why?” I was almost a little thrown back by the question, because it’s not somethingContinue reading “Ok, so sales people aren’t all bad…”

Happy Independence Day

I’ve been noticing a trend with holidays in this country. With the advancement of social media, an obvcious craze that has swept this country, people are more outspoken with their beliefs and their sentiments. A few years back, the only people who publically expressed sentiments were people in the media. Now with the advancement ofContinue reading “Happy Independence Day”

The iPhone phenomenon coming to an end?

Since the iPhone was released a few years back, it seems that every new phone coming out was trying to become the next “iPhone Killer.” Never in a million years did Apple ever think that the iPhone Killer was, well Apple themselves. Once I heard earlier this year about Google Voice, I knew it wasContinue reading “The iPhone phenomenon coming to an end?”

The Woes Of Working For A Public Company

During our earnings call yesterday, it daunted on my how connected I am on the public sector. Here was two extremely important businessmen, our CEO and CFO, discussing our earnings and statistics, and I kept thinking “I hope I calculated everything right.” My main contribution to our company is the constant currency impacts. It wasContinue reading “The Woes Of Working For A Public Company”

Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…

Really, cash for clunkers? I understand that at the current economic condition, many of us are tightening our belts, and we are hoping something “too good to be true” to come knocking on our door. But this does really seem “too good to be true,” especially since we’re just putting our country into even moreContinue reading “Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…”

Let’s Move On From AIG Already!!

I’m really getting tired of people blaming AIG already. It’s been proven that they did not break any laws, but continuing to dwell on the subject has gotten old. Rep. Barney Frank just called for the federal government to do a take-over of AIG and try to make it easier to get back the someContinue reading “Let’s Move On From AIG Already!!”

Billionaires are hurting too!

The total number of billionaires in the world fell from 1,125 in 2008 to 793 in 2009.  The financial meltdown wiped out $2 trillion from their net worth.  Most of you are saying the same thing as I am, “who cares!”  It’s all net worth, and not cash.  There is a difference when looking at aContinue reading “Billionaires are hurting too!”