Why everyone should play golf

Can anyone think of a better way to spend time working?  Hitting some golf balls across a green field, smoking cigars, having drinks, enjoying the weather.  Is it any coinsedence that 30% of business deals happen or have some time associated to playing golf?

Now it’s not just like you can pick up a club and expect to be hired as the next CEO to Google.  But if you are interested in allowing a business partner/possible sale/deal to be a little bit more easily smoozed over, then the golf course is one of the best places on earth.  You can’t forget the proper etiquette between playing golf for fun and playing golf for business.  There is most definately a difference!

The attitude that you bring, moreover, the etiquette and respect you show, can have a great impact on how you are viewed.  There are the usuals like don’t hit if it’s not your turn, waiting in silence when someone else is hitting, and not stepping in someone else’s way.  Golf, just like business, requires a great deal of respect, patience, aggressiveness when needed, and ethics.

You don’t have to impress anyone, you are just enjoying the game.  Just like in business, you don’t have to take over the world, even though the idea is to grow.  In golf, the idea to get better and better.  There is no top level to ever reach.  Even the best players are constantly improving.  The greatest companies are also constantly improving in making sure they roll with the setbacks and learn from their mistakes.


One thought on “Why everyone should play golf

  1. So here’s a story you might like. I had to decide what sport to play in college. I looked at the football time and I saw lots of wind sprints and collisions on a 90 degree day. I then looked at the wrestling team and the were running up and down stars. The baskeball team was doing starts and stops and the hockey team was in the weight room…..The golf team was in the bar. Guess which one I picked.

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