Superbowl Prop Betting – Come on really?!?

Super Bowl Proposition – 2008 NFL Betting Props – Pro Football Prop Bets

As each year as the Superbowl seems to gain momentum, so does the allegiance of gambling against it.  For those who don’t know, prop betting is those odd or one of a kind betting propositions that you don’t normally see.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome of the game, mainly just other situations where the winner or loser has no precedent on the bet.

I have seen bets that cover the coin flip for the game, 1st team to score, longest touchdown pass, 1st player to score, and first team to get a penalty just to name a few.  Some of the wild ones I’ve seen are the first team to have an injured player, team with the most prayers shown during the game, first team to have a player say “hi mom” on the show, and most ironic touchdown celebration.  Some of these seem to be really outrageous and subjective, but it’s all supposed to be in fun of an exciting end to a great sport.  But why are we really going overboard with these types of bets?  Some odds sites are showing that every year, there is a sharp increase in the amount of these bets.  Many are coming from individuals who are not entirely interested in the teams or the sports, but would like to participate.  I can see that maybe as a reason to become part of the Superbowl excitement, but a lot of it seems like money thrown away.

Really, are the odds going to be big enough to have a descent payoff if you win??  Will the $2.50 you win for winning a bet because somebody on one of the teams was the first to spit on TV make it a great game?  Indeed the awe of Las Vegas and online gambling has almost made betting the nations past time, but at what cost?  If you ask me, save your money, drink a beer, watch the commercials if you’re not into the game, and don’t feed into this hype!  We don’t need another fad right now.


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