Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…

Really, cash for clunkers? I understand that at the current economic condition, many of us are tightening our belts, and we are hoping something “too good to be true” to come knocking on our door. But this does really seem “too good to be true,” especially since we’re just putting our country into even moreContinue reading “Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…”


Top 10 List – What I Learned From Being Laid-Off

Hundreds of thousands of people were laid-off this week.  I found myself being swallowed in the latest unwanted trends and forced to hit the curb trying to find another way to make a living.  Although I understand the business sense behind the decision, it still sucks… So I’ve compiled a list of odd ball thingsContinue reading “Top 10 List – What I Learned From Being Laid-Off”

Lindsee did it! She ran the EP5K!

This morning, we all got to go downtown to watch Lindsee race in the EP5K marathon.  She finished with a time of 46 minutes and 49 seconds along with her friend Jennifer.  She had an average pace of 15 minutes and 04 seconds per mile. As you can see, both Josh and Lauren couldn’t beContinue reading “Lindsee did it! She ran the EP5K!”

Guest Blog –

From time to time, I have found it of great value to share and embrace other start-ups and ingenius business ideas.  With that being said, I have come across a fabulous team from Australia that is making waves on their side of the world with a new business venture that I am sure will beContinue reading “Guest Blog –”

Some essential G1 Android must haves

I’ve been playing with my Android G1 since the day it came out. I consider myself pretty tech savvy.  With all of the many applications that have been coming out, I’ve tried about 65% of those.  Some just look bad, some get really awful reveiws, and some I just have no interest in. For theContinue reading “Some essential G1 Android must haves”

My New Toy & Some Social Media Tech News

Ok I admit I’m a tech gadget nerd, just like 3/4’s of the population right now. Once I got my Google Android phone, I’m SO happy I never bought into the iPhone hype. I’m an accountant, and I use a lot of email, blogging, web surfing, Twitter, Facebook, Brightkite, etc. With that being said, IContinue reading “My New Toy & Some Social Media Tech News”

Forced To Replace My Blackberry with Windows Mobile

I’ve been struggling this week with having to lose my Blackberry. Although I LOVE playing with new devices, I haven’t really been a Windows Mobile fan. Currently at work, we are partnered with Microsoft, so all of our mobile devices must have the Windows Mobile platform. I get that it’s better structured with our networks,Continue reading “Forced To Replace My Blackberry with Windows Mobile”