Bush is optimistic about the economy

What kind of horrible headline is this? Does the author really think that at some point Bush is going to say, “this economy is really f*cked!” Of course he’s optimistic, he’s currently running it. His key motivation to come out and say this, is solely on the pressures that we are in a recession. I’ve said for the past few months, I believe we are in a recession, and as time passed, I’ve just gotten more and more facts that we are.

Oil is at a record high, the mortgage market is about to begin to implode, jobless claims are in the toilet, the stock market has caused more heart attacks then pizza and beer, and recession talk is almost at an all-time high. I admit, the stimulus package in January was pretty good, but I don’t think it was the cure for our current economy. The rebates will take time to hit the market, and when they do, it’ll just show a surge, not an upswing.

Whoever takes office the next term will have a rough start. It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds. If they blame Bush for our troubles, but are unable to pick up the economy, they’ll show themselves as weak. The smart person would keep their mouths shut until an upswing or proof the recession is over, and just claim to continue to move it. But then it’s politics, and usually the smart never prevails…


2 thoughts on “Bush is optimistic about the economy

  1. If I were a multimillionaire, I’d probably be optimistic too. The economy takes a downturn, and yacht and Porsche sales go down. If Bush and his friends want a little extra revenue, they can always start another war.

    Some of us on the other end, however, are more worried about stuff like being able to buy food.

    I don’t get how people can STILL be talking about whether or not the economy is “in recession”. How long has “speculation” about this been in the news? Literally years. Oil prices have been at a record high since Bush took office, and since then have almost doubled. The nation is bleeding jobs at an uncontrollable rate… I’ll stop here before I get started.

    We keep ignoring the most important economic issues, like the mysterious disappearance of the middle class and the spreading wealth gap. I know, it’s tempting to have an army of poor workers who will accept any conditions and pay, but do the rich really want the view out their windows to be a third world country?

  2. Correction: Oil price has much more than doubled, it was $26 when Bush took office and has more than quadrupled.

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