Forced To Replace My Blackberry with Windows Mobile

t-mobile-wing2.jpg I’ve been struggling this week with having to lose my Blackberry. Although I LOVE playing with new devices, I haven’t really been a Windows Mobile fan. Currently at work, we are partnered with Microsoft, so all of our mobile devices must have the Windows Mobile platform. I get that it’s better structured with our networks, cost components are better, etc.

Once I switched over to a Blackberry, I was hooked! I honestly rarely opened up my computer anymore. What was the need? Especially since my Blackberry seemed faster then my computer. The Blackberry rage had taken over. I finally understood the term Crack-berry, because it was an addiction. Now that I have to use the Windows interface, I’m not positive I would have had the same reaction if this would have been my first handheld device.

Current issues I’m facing: It doesn’t run multiple programs very well. I have to stop running a program in order to free up existing memory. Clicking close doesn’t always do the job. Also, the lack of programs that is compatible with it. The list isn’t nearly as large is Blackberry compatible programs, and the ones I’m finding are either quite expensive or I read there are performance issues that tie back to not being able to multi-task. Another issue, speed equals lack of power. I have mine set to update every 10 minutes. I could do it more often, i.e. every 5 minutes or as items are received. But from what I’m finding out, that severely lessens the battery life. What good is a dead phone? For that matter, what good is a mobile phone that has to be constantly plugged in?

I do see a lot of promise. There are developer’s contests and all types of requests and actions that people are trying to come up with. The use of handhelds has grown so significantly that Microsoft can no longer avoid these issues. Updates should be done regularly, but then how much will it cost to get another phone that can do what I want? I am stuck with this one for about 2 years and who knows what will happen during that time. Will I get free software updates or do they expect me to invest in another phone? Damn the perplexities of gadgetry!


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