Happy Independence Day

I’ve been noticing a trend with holidays in this country. With the advancement of social media, an obvcious craze that has swept this country, people are more outspoken with their beliefs and their sentiments. A few years back, the only people who publically expressed sentiments were people in the media. Now with the advancement of blogs, social media sites, podcasts, and other free forms of media, the public is now getting sandblasted with peoples opinions and sentiments regarding anything and everything.

So how do we filter out the nonsense? Well it takes research and leg work. You have to know what opinions matter to you and research it. Gullible people are the most vulnerable right now. They are getting so many mixed messages, they’re no longer sure of what to believe. There are literally millions of groups out there that you can follow and get acquainted with, but the thing you need to remember is the separation of fact from fiction is crucial.

What’s currently on the news? The BP Oil spill. Fact, oil is being spilled out from the ocean. Fiction, BP is the only one to blame. They didn’t build the oil platform, and they didn’t run the platform. So why are they to blame? Well there’s obviously a whole lot more to the story then the surface headlines. Currently protestors are at various locations trying to get their voice to be heard. But these protestors are also blocking the efforts to clean up the spill.

My point is you need to do your research. It’s been a fact of life growing up, and the importance has grown exponentially. Don’t just read the facebook status or the twitter posts. Open up the story lines, and just do a little reading before you make your decision.


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