Ok, so sales people aren’t all bad…

So I’ve had a breakthrough. And by that, I mean a salesperson who wanted to understand how their actions affect mine as the Corporate Controller. He had the courage to ask, not just which way do I prefer, but also “why?”

I was almost a little thrown back by the question, because it’s not something I expect from someone outside my group. I did get a little over zealous and probably got way too technical, but at least we both left the meeting with a little more respect about what each of us has to do.

I realized we were both in a tight position. Not only was I trying to guide him into a better position for the company, but he was trying to guide the client into a better position for a sale. TYPICALLY, we end up selling first, and deal with the accounting second, but I can sense the tide turning.

Rather then running around with my hands in the air, yelling obscenities about the sales staff, I actually started to take notes of what he was more interested in. Now I have a test bed for other sales reps and maybe have new processes for teaching and for creating better relationships with my clients, who are the employees of Mutual Mobile.


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