The Woes Of Working For A Public Company

During our earnings call yesterday, it daunted on my how connected I am on the public sector. Here was two extremely important businessmen, our CEO and CFO, discussing our earnings and statistics, and I kept thinking “I hope I calculated everything right.” My main contribution to our company is the constant currency impacts. It wasContinue reading “The Woes Of Working For A Public Company”


Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…

Really, cash for clunkers? I understand that at the current economic condition, many of us are tightening our belts, and we are hoping something “too good to be true” to come knocking on our door. But this does really seem “too good to be true,” especially since we’re just putting our country into even moreContinue reading “Cash for clunkers? No thanks. I’d rather not let the government buy me off…”

Let’s Move On From AIG Already!!

I’m really getting tired of people blaming AIG already. It’s been proven that they did not break any laws, but continuing to dwell on the subject has gotten old. Rep. Barney Frank just called for the federal government to do a take-over of AIG and try to make it easier to get back the someContinue reading “Let’s Move On From AIG Already!!”

So What If The Markets Keep Going Down??

Being in finance, I often field a lot of questions about the various markets.  One of the most repetitive questions I’ve heard is, “what happens of the stocks keep going down?” Well there are various answers to this.  When you enter the market, you often answer questions about how conservative or aggressive you want toContinue reading “So What If The Markets Keep Going Down??”

Financial Risk and Flying Pigs

There is currently a belief that financial risk is easily measured. That we can stick some sort of risk-meter into the financial system and get an precise measurement of the risk of complex financial instruments. The poorly misguided belief that this risk-meter exists plays a key role in getting the financial system into the messContinue reading “Financial Risk and Flying Pigs”

Difference Between Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

Every so often, accountants get asked some dumb questions.  Some of the questions I’ve received are “I never signed up for insurance, so why does medicare keeps getting deducted from my check?”  Or “can I get paid in cash so I don’t have to pay my child support?”  Even ones like “I don’t have aContinue reading “Difference Between Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors”

Realistic Forecasting For Start-Ups

Since my experience with start-ups began a few years back, I have seen many examples of top-down forecasting that has left many venture capitalists wondering if the speaker had any credibility whatsoever.  Top-down forecasting is taking the market level from it’s highest point and working down to come up with your sales figures.

SEC Will Reveal the IFRS Start Dates This Week for the US

This Wednesday, the SEC will finally let us know a date for US Companies to be allowed to start using IFRS as their reporting standards. It’s essentially going to be a roadmap that the SEC commissioners will consider, and then of course open it up to the public and watch the fireworks begin.

Think your offshore tax haven is protected? Think again…

The U.S. Senate is proposing two bills to get a stronghold on the abuse of offshore tax havens.  For those of you not sure of what this is, an offshore account is a bank account located outside the country of residence of the account holder, and typically in a low tax jurisdiction that provides financialContinue reading “Think your offshore tax haven is protected? Think again…”

Accountants Celebrate! No New Accounting Rules for 3 Years?!

That sounds like sweet music to my ears!  Of course, the SEC has yet to suggest a date by which U.S. companies have to adopt IFRS rules, and the thought of such a massive switch is the current topic of discussion at some of the hard partying accounting functions in the country (think fraternity kegContinue reading “Accountants Celebrate! No New Accounting Rules for 3 Years?!”