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From time to time, I have found it of great value to share and embrace other start-ups and ingenius business ideas.  With that being said, I have come across a fabulous team from Australia that is making waves on their side of the world with a new business venture that I am sure will be successful.  We have offered to trade blogs with the hopes of reaching untapped markets and otherwise hard to reach audiences.  Please take a few moments to read about and their great business model.

Dear Jason,

I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic business idea. Thank you for the feedback on our website, too. You may find the following of interest to real estate consultants and any other business professionals reading your blog. We are based in Australia, but perhaps we can inspire global change for professional indemnity insurance. Personally, I hope that your service also inspires similar change. Please feel free to comment on this post and tell us about your own difficulties with professional indemnity insurance, back home.

I believe that your iEnfluence idea has legs and will prove to be successful. We live in a ‘Web 2.0’ world of social networking, and your platform consolidates more primitive buying/selling principles with evolved tenants of greater interaction between those in the marketplace. Increasingly, we all desire greater control over both our purchases, and what we resell to others. You provide this control. BizCover is also looking to implement this control principle, albeit in the professional indemnity insurance space.

An increasing number of people are starting new businesses: some are fed up with their bosses and want more control over what they do, others want to spend more time with their families, others yet see it as a rush. The reality is that working in small and medium sized businesses is stressful. This is where we come in.

A bit more about ourselves: BizCover is a professional indemnity insurance provider. Professional indemnity insurance is what business professionals may want (and in many cases need, as per legislation) to protect themselves from being sued for their advice. This is applicable to both start-ups and existing businesses which may suddenly have the need for a policy, or are renewing their existing policies.

Commonly, these business professionals will telephone an insurer, who would refer them to a broker, who then negotiates with different insurers to find a suitable policy. The process can take many weeks (I have spoken to clients who have spent over three months trying to obtain coverage). Naturally, this slows down business processes and just wastes their time and money. Typically, they are also only given one option and one price.

This is where BizCover has stepped in with its unique online professional indemnity insurance model. BizCover provides professional indemnity insurance quotes online: essentially, business professionals can enter their details, compare policies from respected insurers and then make their purchase, all in a matter of minutes. BizCover users have control over how much they will pay, what is covered and who will cover them.

Our business model is centred around the following principles:

· Saving you time: professionals can get coverage in minutes, rather than weeks

· Saving you money: many professionals can save thousands of dollars by switching to BizCover

· Giving you choice: compare, select and buy from leading insurers

Thanks again for your feedback and interest in our business and do keep us updated on how you progress with your own ventures.


Stas Madorski


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