Lindsee did it! She ran the EP5K!


This morning, we all got to go downtown to watch Lindsee race in the EP5K marathon.  She finished with a time of 46 minutes and 49 seconds along with her friend Jennifer.  She had an average pace of 15 minutes and 04 seconds per mile.


As you can see, both Josh and Lauren couldn’t be happier to be up at 4:30am to see their mama “race bad guys” as Josh put it.  Although Josh wasn’t too happy that she didn’t come in first, he was still proud of her regardless.  We had a sign we made for Josh to hold as his mama crossed the finish line.  He complained that it was too heavy, which is Josh code for “I don’t feel like it.”  Luckily he changed his mind and was proud to watch his mama run past us.


We also had two friends that were running in the full marathon.  Jennifer Montestanto who finished the 26.2 miles in 4:44:20 and Robert Gutierrez who finished in 4:37:32.  Congratulations to both of them for running such a great race!

It was a really great day to run!  Cold enough to keep the runners cool and have Laurens hair stick straight up (like we need help with that), but still warm enough to make Josh sweat (which he can do during a blizzard).


We’d also like to thank everyone who contributed to Lindsee’s fundraiser.  She managed to raise $300 for Bo’s Place, her chosen charity for the race.

The whole weekend turned out to be “race weekend” as we spent a large part of yesterday downtown getting Lindsee’s race packet an spending some time at Discovery Park.  For those of you who don’t know about the park, it’s a new style park in the heart of downtown Houston that has a really cool playground, restaurants, large fields to play in, large crowds, smell of fog, unsupervised kids, and a temporary ice rink that had about 2 inches of water currently sitting on top of it (damn that Houston weather!).  Josh’s favorite part of the park?  The big hill he can run down.  Although Lauren loved watching him run up and down the big hill.


Lindsee will be running in another 5K race in about 2 months and we look forward to seeing her race in that one as well.  For those of you who are not aware yet, Lauren gets baptized on February 8th and we’ll be having a brunch to celebreate afterwards at our house.  If you are able to attend, please let Lindsee or I know so we can expect you.  I hope you all are well and congrats to all the people who were in the race.


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