What My 4 Year Old Taught Me About Savings

Recently we started giving my 4 year old an allowance for helping around the house.  It’s only a dime here and a dime there, but he’s EXTREMELY proud of his money and what he can do with it.  His ultimate idea right now is to only save to buy Star Wars stuff, but what he’sContinue reading “What My 4 Year Old Taught Me About Savings”

Lindsee did it! She ran the EP5K!

This morning, we all got to go downtown to watch Lindsee race in the EP5K marathon.  She finished with a time of 46 minutes and 49 seconds along with her friend Jennifer.  She had an average pace of 15 minutes and 04 seconds per mile. As you can see, both Josh and Lauren couldn’t beContinue reading “Lindsee did it! She ran the EP5K!”