My New Toy & Some Social Media Tech News

Ok I admit I’m a tech gadget nerd, just like 3/4’s of the population right now. Once I got my Google Android phone, I’m SO happy I never bought into the iPhone hype. I’m an accountant, and I use a lot of email, blogging, web surfing, Twitter, Facebook, Brightkite, etc. With that being said, I NEED A KEYBOARD! Luckily I already had TMobile, so the switch happened with ease. It has some pretty great applications, and shows a bright future with more coming out each day. I was a little surprised at the popularity of Geocaching. I didn’t get it at first, but it seems like it’s a tech version of Hide & Seek. Not my thing, but neither is the activity on the Two Girls & One Cup video, and that was an internet sensation. Still shivering after that thought…

I have blogged about this before, but I am a HUGE fan of Social Media for Business. People at my current job still don’t quite get it, but it helps that I’m on the board of directors for iEnfluence, a Social Media Real Estate start-up company. I can get my Social Media fix thru the interaction of that right now. We are currently in development for an iPhone application, and hopefully an Android application would soon follow after. We’re partnering up with some great companies, and hopefully by this time next year, you can read my interview about it all on TechCrunch. Now if I can just figure out the perfect mix of Social Media, Business & Cigars, I’d die a happy man!


One thought on “My New Toy & Some Social Media Tech News

  1. Hey mate – am actually quite intrigued by your iEnfluence idea (even if we are in different markets). I work for a company that has also tried to shake up the industry by offering a traditional bricks and mortar service online.

    My company, BizCover, handles professional indemnity insurance for many occupations including IT, accounting, real estate and consultancy. Hopefully, we’ll decrease the barriers to entry into those occupations.

    Traditionally, business owners had to deal with brokers, and would be given a cost to pay, which they would fork over. With BizCover, small and medium sized business owners can actually start by comparing between leading insurance providers and select the most cost-effective policy 🙂

    Would you be interested in possibly writing us up on your blog, and we’ll do the same?

    Alternatively, check out our site at

    thanks 😀

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